Is it just me or did anyone else experience revelation during isolation? Within the last past 9 months, I have seen some things that I did not want to see. I have heard some things that I did not want to hear. I have felt some things that I did not want to feel. I heard someone say that isolation brings revelation and I found that statement to be nothing but the truth.

While being confined to the house during quarantine, I found more time to be consumed with the local, state, national and worldwide news. I became very disgusted by what I was seeing. There were many deaths occurring during the pandemic, where loved ones were dying alone and not able to have a proper burial or life celebration. There were racial injustices occurring across the world, which lead to many protests. There was a great political division that led to people being free to speak or behave in ways that I never could have imagined. When I would turn on my local news, there would be countless numbers of murders that had occurred overnight, people mysteriously missing, child abuse and sex trafficking stories, just to name a few. 

After seeing all of this going on in this world, I asked God a question. God what is it that I can do to make this world a better place? I am only one person, but I felt the need to do something. I wanted to do something that would change the world. I wanted to do something that God would be pleased with. I wanted to do something that would make people start showing love, being kind, extending compassion and respecting each other. I immediately thought to myself, Tiffiney it is going to be difficult to change adults, not impossible but difficult. Adults are already set in their ways. We are grown and you cannot tell us NOTHING because we know EVERYTHING! 

After having countless conversations with various people, I learned that many of them were raised a certain way and that is the only way they know. Some of them even realized that their thought patterns or treatment of others were wrong and desired to do better where others thought nothing was wrong at all. Some were willing to put in the work to see change in their adult lives and even open to changing the way things operated in their homes with their children. This helped me to realize there is NOTHING any of us can do to change the past. We can only work toward changing the future. 

I became so frustrated with the news that I decided to turn the tv off, block out the noise and distractions of the world and place myself in a position to hear God answer the question that I had asked. God what is it that I can do to make this world a better place? 

During the pandemic we were attending church services online. After the church service my husband and I felt the need to make sure our daughter would get the word at a level that she could understand. Her aunt and uncle had gifted her a wonderful book of bible stories when she was born, so we took it out and had her to read a story after the online service and have a family discussion. During this time the answer to the question and my mission was made clear. The timing was perfect, we are in the middle of a pandemic and I have nothing but time on my hand. I carried the idea of writing a faith -based children’s book for a while but now I realized that it is time to birth this thing into existence. 

 The children are our future and we have an opportunity to bring about a change in this world together. Yes, they did take prayer out of schools. But that has nothing to do with us teaching our children biblical principals and how to pray at home. We are our children’s first teachers. Training our kids starts at home, the churches and schools are to assist and expand on what they are being taught at home. If we can get the Word of God in these kids while they are young, I believe we can bring about a much needed change in the world. My mission is for more of us to have an intimate relationship with Christ, which will lead to us being the loving, caring, kind, compassionate, patient and respectful people God created us to be. God made us all and HE loves us all and we really need to do better by following his example. 

Teaching P.A.R.A.B.L.E.S  

We are Parents Applying Realistic Amazing Biblical Lessons Establishing Success within our children. We can make this world a better place together.