Happy Anniversary Teaching Parables! Here we are five books and one affirmation/coloring book later. God has truly been faithful.

On the exact date of the anniversary, October 20, 2022, I decided to do a photoshoot to celebrate the day. As I sat in the park, my wonderful photographer suggested that I take a picture with all my books. As she pulled them out of the tote and began to spread them out in my hand, I realized just how good God had been to me. As she instructed me to look down at them, to take a picture, I was overcome with so much emotion. I wanted to cry but I just could not risk messing up my makeup. LOL

As I looked down at the books in my hand, I was immediately reminded of God’s faithfulness. He has proven to me that with Him all things are possible. He has been with me every step of the way. In March 2020, I had no clue how to write or publish a book, but God did! He gave me a vision and made provision for it to manifest. 

I realized that on this journey I learned a lesson with each book that was written. Each book referenced whatever situation that I was facing at that time. In the beginning, I had to ‘Ask, Seek and Knock’, because I had no idea what I was doing. In my struggle with the first book God reminded me that ‘I Can Do All Things’ in the second book. Initially, the first and second book were supposed to be combined but we decided to separate them into individual books. Even when I became discouraged with the missed deadlines, I needed God to remind me to ‘Don’t Ever Give Up.’ As I searched for a new illustrator and book designer, He told me ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to try something new. As I am currently preparing for 2023, He is telling me that He will ‘Direct Thy Path’, if I just listen to His directions. 

I authored these books to be a blessing to our children for generations to come, but I also see how they have become a blessing to me as encouragement through challenging times and reminding me of His promises. I’ve learned to celebrate every part of my journey because the difficult times lead to powerful testimonies. I’m so excited about all that God has done within these 2 years and I am looking forward to seeing what all God has in store for Teaching Parables, where we are changing lives one Bible verse at a time. 

Thanks to all of you that have loved, prayed, encouraged, and supported me over the past two years. I appreciate each one of you!