10 Positive Self-Affirmations

Do you believe in yourself? If you don’t who will? We live in a society where we tend to seek approval from others. Our belief in ourselves is what matters the most. Yes, it’s awesome to have people to cheer you on, support you and applaud your efforts, but you hold the keys to unlock the doors of your potential. It all starts with the way you think and speak, therefore, your mind and mouth should be on one accord.

It would be awesome to learn this concept at an early age. Learning to speak positive things into the atmosphere and over you can be life changing! We have the God given ability to speak life or death into our circumstances, so why not utilize it? The earlier our children learn to speak positively over their lives, the easier it will be for them as they grow older and become all that God created them to be. This is simply called affirming yourself.  Here are some simple positive self-affirmations that you can share with your children.   

10 Simple Affirmations

  1. God Loves Me
  2. I am Happy 
  3. I am Safe
  4. I am Strong
  5. I am Enough
  6. I am Important
  7. I am Special
  8. I Love to Learn
  9. I am Blessed
  10. I am Smart

These simple affirmations can become a part of your child’s daily routine. Let’s be mindful of what we speak and how we think. Whatever a man thinketh, so is he!  Speak it until you believe it and you will achieve it! Let’s remember to Mind Our Mouths and think before we speak!