Mrs. Christian’s Daycare

Start children off on the way they should go, 
    and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6 NIV

Does your child have a solid foundation? Let Mrs. Christian’s Daycare help your child to learn, understand and apply God’s Word to his/her life based on simple everyday events.

Mrs. Christian’s Daycare  is a home based daycare center that not only teaches the basic educational fundamentals but it strives to build your child’s character, self-confidence and their personal relationship with God. Mrs. Christian believes that teaching a child the basics of the Bible is just as important as anything else in life.

In these books you will receive life lessons that are sure to teach your child how God’s Word is applied daily.


These lessons will teach your child that they can achieve anything, if they put in the required work. Not only will it teach your child, but we as adults need a simple reminder from time to time.

Proverbs 22:6 clearly states that we should train up a child in the way that he/she must go and when they are old they will not depart from it. Does your child have a solid foundation that will be unshakeable when issues arise in their life? Come on over to Mrs. Christian’s Daycare and let the learning begin with biblically based lessons that will last a lifetime.

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Ask, Seek, and Knock

Has your child ever asked for anything that could not be given to them immediately? Did they exemplify patience while waiting? Are they aware that asking alone is not enough? Come on over to Mrs. Christian’s Daycare where they will learn the biblical principle of Asking, Seeking and Knocking. 

In this book, Jacob has his heart set on something that he really wants but it is not readily available. Come along for the adventure as Jacob quickly learns that he can have anything that God has promised him but he must Ask, Seek and Knock!

I Can Do All Things

Faith is a new student at the daycare that is struggling with not knowing as much about the Bible as the other kids. But she quickly learns that she can do all things through Christ that gives her strength. This lesson assists with removing fear and doubts from your childs mind and replace with self-confidence and motivation. It also teaches that repetition is the key to learning and perfecting anything that you choose to do. Come on over to Mrs. Christian’s Daycare and see how Faith achieves her goal and how  that special someone in her life learns something along the way too!


Don't Ever Get Up

This book teaches that you do not have to be the strongest or the fastest to win in the race of life. Isabella surprises herself when it appeared that all odds are against her. She quickly learns that the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to them that endure to the end. This story promotes the importance of being focused, determined, self-confident, patient and the necessity of having a good support system. It also teaches the importance of having a good attitude when things don’t go as planned. Come on over to Mrs. Christian’s Daycare today and let’s see who wins the ‘Great Race’ by not ever giving up! After all it’s not how you start but all about how you finish


Don't Be Afraid

When Caleb reveals that he is afraid of an upcoming doctor’s visit, Mrs. Christian—with the help of two of Caleb’s friends—remind him of a Bible lesson that immediately calms his fear. 

With cute illustrations from Mariya Rana and an easy-to-follow plot by Tiffiney Rogers-McDaniel, Caleb’s story, Don’t Be Afraid, is the perfect introduction to reading for any young child, easing their fears about the unknown and reinforcing God’s enduring presence.


Don't Be Afraid: A Positive Affirmation and Coloring Book

Don’t Be Afraid: A Positive Affirmation and Coloring Book has over 40 pages that assist your child in developing a firm foundation in life by increasing their confidence, self-esteem, and mindfulness while decreasing their fears and anxiety. The affirmations train them to think and speak positively about themselves and others, and the coloring pages encourage creativity. Your child will flourish with the ability to speak life into themselves with confidence and boldness.


Direct Thy Path

When Hope recites this week’s Bible verse, Mrs. Christian asks her to help demonstrate the verse to the class. Hope must listen to Mrs. Christian’s voice to make it through an obstacle course, which shows the kids that we must always listen to God’s voice as He leads us through life. 

With cute illustrations from Mariya Rana and an exciting page-turner by Tiffiney Rogers-McDaniel, Hope’s story, Direct Thy Paths, is perfect for encouraging obedience, reminding children to always listen to and follow God’s directions.



Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

MacKenzie takes great pride in her appearance, so when she notices a white spot on her face one morning, she is concerned and loses her self-confidence. However, through the encouragement of a friend and then learning Mrs. Christian’s newest verse about how God made us all special, MacKenzie soon realizes that she was Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Join MacKenzie in this book as she discovers how much God loves her just the way she is.