Let’s be honest, parenting can be quite challenging, and I believe many of us have questioned our parenting skills at one time or another. It’s not an easy task by any means but some parents tend to make it look easier than others. As parents we must work together to uplift, encourage and support each other in times of need. 

 I was sitting in my office working one day and a dear friend fell on my mind, so I decided to send a quick ‘check in’ text. Her reply was very unexpected, not the usual. She asked me to pray for her and her child because there was tension between them. This was something new and unfamiliar to her because they had always been so close. As she proceeded to tell me what happened all I could see was the opportunity to motivate, encourage, support and uplift her. As parents we should be there to listen and talk each other through those difficult times. 

This child has a personal relationship with Christ, raised in a loving household and has a strong foundation. I reminded her that God’s Word is true, it never changes, and He never fails. His clear instructions were for us to train them, then He promised us that He would always pull them back and not let them go too far. This means that she has done her part as a parent and now it’s time to let God complete a perfect work within her child. If we do our part of introducing our children to Christ and make sure they know Him and His Word, then He will keep them in his care. 

We can not control the decisions that our children make once they become a certain age. They can easily be influenced by their peers, and some may even make decisions that we just don’t agree with or understand. When I was younger, I would hear my grandmother say, “every tub must sit on its own bottom”. As a little girl, I never understand what she meant, until I became older and began to suffer some of the consequences of my actions. Yes, with every action there is a consequence, whether good or bad. There is a time in your child’s life when they must become self-sufficient, this comes through trial and error. There is no better lesson learned than the one you had to pay for.

You can’t give a testimony unless you have been tested. Testing builds character, strength, faith and patience. Being tested allows us to testify to others that if I made it through then so can you. Now some people can learn from others’ mistakes, and some choose to learn on their own. Again, that is something we can’t control. Therefore, we must allow God to complete His perfect work in them.

True parenting is not for the weak nor is it for the faint of heart. As parents we can find peace in knowing that we have done as the Word has instructed and God has them in His hand. At that point we should continuously pray and ask that he keep a hedge of protection around them until the testing is complete. We should make it a priority for them to know that they are loved and can always come home or call on us when needed. The lines of communication should always remain open. 

Today it might be you needing an encouraging word and tomorrow it might just be me needing that extra push. As parents let’s work together to keep each other encouraged, supported and lifted in prayer during challenging times. We had to learn how to sit on our own bottom, now its their turn. 

Stay encouraged.