Maybe it is just me. But does anyone remember being drug to the church house? Can I get a show of hands? I can remember being young and it was not an option if I was going to church or not. It was a requirement!

Back in the day, my parents placed me in preschool at a Baptist Church and I absolutely loved the fact that my preschool teacher would come by, scoop me up at my grandmother’s home, with a few other kids and we would ride to school together. We would definitely have fun throughout the day but the teachers made sure we learned a scripture and a song along the way.

I can remember during the summers, my cousins and I attended various vacation bible schools throughout the community. Yes, these were to keep us busy during the summer, but we would still get the Word through bible lessons and memorizing scriptures. Don’t forget those BOMB free lunches! LOL! We would even go to the local Catholic church during the summer, (no, we were not Catholic) which exposed me to something new. One thing for sure, they were very structured and disciplined. There is nothing like getting tapped on the hand with a ruler by Sister Mary.  But seriously, I absolutely loved the diversity and I have always been intrigued by learning new things.

As a small kid, I was baptized in a little Baptist church in Ensley, AL. This church was very family oriented and I have such fond memories of growing up in that church. Those were the days when we would have Sunday School Classes, Youth Days and Christmas plays with memorized Christmas/Easter speeches. Let’s talk about the Christmas treat bags we use to get, the brown paper bags with an apple, orange, peppermint candy cane and pecans. The good ole’ days. Ok, let’s get back on track.  We had choir rehearsals during the week and midweek service, there was no escaping church. This is what I consider a MILD DRUG! I was little and this was fun for me, so I never felt like it was too much. 

Well, during my preteen and teenage years my family joined a holiness church, now you know we were in church ALL DAY LONG! Anybody else know what I’m talking about?  Sunrise to Sunset. It seemed like we were in church 7 days a week, we sang one song for 20 minutes and don’t forget the weekly revivals.  Lord have mercy! You know it is bad when you would much rather be at home doing homework. I had no other choice but to get the Word up in that camp. Now that is what I consider a HEAVY DRUG!

I’ve said all of that to say this, my mother dragging me to church was the best thing she could have ever done for me. Did I like it at the time? No, I did not. But in the long run it paid off. She introduced me to Christ and was very instrumental in helping me to form a relationship with Him. I’ve faced many circumstances in my lifetime but knowing, leaning, depending and trusting the Word of God, has brought me through all of them. She had me in the right place to hear the word over and over and over again. She made sure the seed was planted and rooted within me and for that I am eternally grateful.  So, Mrs. Joyce Shenette Godfrey-Rogers, I THANK YOU for all the GOOD DRUGS! 

Parents go ahead and DRAG your children to church, don’t just send them. Our children learn best by what they see us do. Lead by example and take those babies to church, there are EVERLASTING benefits. Remember All Drugs Ain’t Bad!