Lord, why me? Lord, what are you doing? I’ve heard a lot of people say don’t question God, well I would like to say that God tells me if I lack wisdom, knowledge and understanding I can ask Him anything. I want to understand why God is allowing undesirable situations to occur in my life. My purpose in asking God these questions is not from a judgmental standpoint. I simply want to know what it is He wants me to see and learn from these tests, trials, and tribulations that I face. I refuse to take the same test repeatedly; I would like to pass the first time and move on to the next level He has for me. I would rather not waste time.

Many of us have faced many situations in life that are unimaginable and heartbreaking. It can sometimes cause us to not believe that ALL things are working together for our good. Face it, we are all human and we were designed to feel pain, hurt, shame, guilt, and disappointment. If He didn’t want us to experience those emotions, He would have never given them to us. There is purpose in pain. These emotions can produce a better you in the long run. Just think about how your pain allows you to see things you did want to see and feel things you didn’t want to feel, but it pushed you closer to God. God then takes the pain and allows it to change your perspective and move toward greater things. In some of us the pain becomes motivation and in others the hurt becomes determination. It doesn’t feel good, at the moment, but now you can look back and see why you had to experience the test in order to give the testimony.

During difficult times, God is pruning you to come back better, stronger and wiser than ever.  So, everything that you went through had to happen the way it did. It was designed to bring out the best in you.

So, when you experience life’s difficulties, just ask God what it is He want you to learn, what is it He want you to see, and how does He want you to apply it to your life moving forward.  If you take the time to look back, you will be able to see why it had to happen that way. Trust God’s timing, His will and His way! It’s all working for your good. 

Everything that happened in 2022 was meant to be, so take those lessons learned and apply them in 2023!