Sometimes, life can be so overwhelming. The tests and trials of life can at times weigh you down. The fear of the unknown can have your mind in turmoil. Yes, we all experience times of doubt and fear, but we must remember to trust God and His plan for our lives. 

As I was sitting one morning during prayer and meditation, I was quickly reminded that God has me. I remember the time had just changed, and it was still dark outside. As I prayed, I began to pour out my heart to God about a situation which had recently taken place, that totally took me by surprise. All I wanted was for the pain, hurt and disappointment to go away. I asked God to show me what He wanted me to do about this situation. Just as I asked the question, I heard a bird chirping outside of the window and at that very moment all I could do was stop in the middle of the prayer and say, “Thank You”!

See God had just answered my prayer and I experienced a sudden peace fall over me. Two things He quickly reminded me of, if He takes care of the birds and flowers, what makes me think that He won’t take care of me. Secondly, even in the darkest hour the bird still chirped, and daylight would be coming soon. Praise me in the midst of what you are going through. It is only temporary. It won’t always be this way; things will get better. 

God answered my prayer with His Word! He reminded me of His promises and His promises alone gives me peace. Even though the situation took me by surprise, God already knew. So, He was not surprised at all. He allowed it to happen for a reason. Carrying the Word in your heart can be life changing. In times of despair and distress God will always bring a scripture to mind for comfort. Take the time to know the Word for yourself and Trust God’s process and plan. He never fails!