Book: Don’t Ever Get Up


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Does your child have a solid foundation? Let Mrs. Christian’s Daycare help your child to learn, understand and apply God’s Word to their life based on simple everyday events. Has your child ever felt like giving up because he/she did not think they could do something in particular? Do they have a good support system that encourages them do their best and focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses? Are they focused enough to not be distracted to achieve their goals? Do they have a good attitude when things don’t go as planned?

This book teaches that you do not have to be the strongest or the fastest to win in the race of life. Isabella surprises herself when it appeared that all odds are against her. She quickly learns that the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to them that endure to the end. This story promotes the importance of being focused, determined, self-confident, patient and the necessity of having a good support system. It also teaches the importance of having a good attitude when things don’t go as planned. Come on over to Mrs. Christian’s Daycare today and let’s see who wins the ‘Great Race’ by not ever giving up! After all it’s not how you start but all about how you finish.

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